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Foam Hammer

  • HD = (HEAVY DUTY) concrete remover

  • Foam it on equipment or soak forms or tools in a bucket, drum, or tank

  • Green Product that doesn't harm the environment

  • Safe and Strong

  • Non-corrosive; apply and forget

Badger Forms

Badger Forms® supplies aluminum formwork and accessories for the industrial, commercial, residential, and precast industries. The sole focus of Badger Forms® is to provide our clients with technologically advanced, extremely durable, highly efficient formwork and accessories.

All Badger formwork is produced in an ISO Certified factory, with an annual production capacity exceeding 10 million square feet. This world-class manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art machinery and technological advances not afforded to smaller companies. This high tech manufacturing capacity allows Badger Forms® to quickly meet the needs of customers.

Badger Gold Form Release Agent

BADGER GOLD FORM RELEASE AGENT has been designed and tested by BADGER FORMS. Who better to create the ultimate form release than a form manufacturer!

BADGER GOLD is an active ingredient only form release. Used regularly, it will not only make it easy to strip panels, but it will help keep them clean. Moreover, BADGER GOLDhas been carefully formulated to give it the viscosity to stay where you put it. Form release can't do its job if it all runs to the bottom of the formwork.