Precast Concrete Solutions For Architectural, Structural and Underground Products Producers


BUILDTECH Sourcing, LLC specializes in the Architectural, Structural and Underground Precast Concrete products industries. 


With over 35 years of experience, we help our clients increase their bottom line by procuring materials, creating superior engineering designs, managing projects, finding the right people for their teams and providing unbiased consulting. We’ve taken a comprehensive approach to provide our clients with a wide range of services via an "On Demand" format.

Watch your business grow.

As independent Precast Concrete industry experts, BUILDTECH SOURCING works with you and your staff to improve and expand your precast concrete business. The use of Subject Matter Experts is now common in the business world. SME's make high-level talent accessible to companies that can not, or do not want to hire full-time staff.

Engaging BUILDTCH SOURCING provides the opportunity for a precast concrete business to objectively evaluate and solve problems at a fraction of the cost or risk of a full-time talent search and hire. 

BUILDTECH SOURCING is ready to work with you. Are you ready?

As a business owner or decision-maker, you need access to high-level talent on-demand, when you need it most.  Eliminate the unknowns associated with having to recruit, train, hire, and fire. Not to mention all of the ongoing expenses created as your problem remains unsolved. 

Providing services and product solutions to the Precast Concrete business world.

BUILDTECH SOURCING exists to serve the members of the precast concrete products business community. Many of our precast consultants helped build the precast industry to what it is today. 

On average, our consultants have over 25 years of direct precast concrete industry experience. Because of this deep bench of experienced people, chances are good that one of our consultants has already encountered and solved your issue, or one very much like it. 

Access to seasoned precast consultants experienced in ALL areas of the precast business is what allows us to quickly analyze your issue and present solutions. 

BUILDTECH SOURCING can confidentially, quickly, and cost-effectively help you solve your issues.

The perspective of an independent, unbiased, expert precast consultant may be just what your business needs. Our professionals are able to objectively analyze, diagnose and help mitigate the problems that are negatively impacting your business.

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Wes Dees

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Senior Advisor

Wes offers BUILDTECH SOURCING clients over 35 years of expertise in the NPCA and PCI Precast Concrete products industries.

As an industry expert, Wes has a superior ability to quickly and effectively solve client requests by regularly bringing new ideas and approaches to the client for review and consideration. He is dedicated to the success of each client engagement and follows through completely.

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