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Badger Forms® supplies aluminum formwork and accessories for the industrial, commercial, residential, and precast concrete industries. The sole focus of Badger Forms® is to provide our clients with technologically advanced, extremely durable, highly efficient formwork and accessories.

All Badger formwork is produced in an ISO Certified factory, with an annual production capacity exceeding 10 million square feet. This world-class manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art machinery and technological advances not afforded to smaller companies. This high tech manufacturing capacity allows Badger Forms® to quickly meet the needs of customers.


Unmatched Industry Technology

Aluminum alloys are at their best quality before welding; the heat from welding changes their molecular structure and weakens them. The heat also unavoidably deforms them. Badger Forms® has almost completely replaced hot welding with friction stir welding. Friction stir welding is the same type of welding used on spacecraft. 

"Because less energy is used, the welding process inflicts less residual stress on joints than standard ‘fusion welding’ – molten welds will pull on surrounding metal as they solidify. The result is that....friction stir welds will suffer less distortion, ending up with material performance comparable to unwelded metal." European Space Agency

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