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STEELX Rebar is a technology invented over 20 years ago in the USA and has generically become known as Twisted Steel Rebar.


Due to the twist along the length of the wire, SteelX Rebar engages the concrete matrix prior to the formation of a dominant crack, improving the first crack strength (MOR) and must untwist from the concrete matrix resulting in a stable post crack capacity.

What does STEELX  add to concrete?

When added to ordinary weight concrete, STEELX Rebar provides:

a. an increased MOR or first crack strength of the concrete matrix,

b. reduced shrinkage and temperature cracking, and
c. provides tension and shear reinforcement in structural concrete.

Why use STEELX Rebar with or instead of rebar, mesh, or other fibers?



There are countless injuries caused by rebar and welded wire mesh every year. The more rebar we can replace with STEELX reinforced concrete the safer the job site will be.



The schedule is so critical to a profitable construction project and STEELX improves that schedule by simplifying the process and eliminating placement labor, placement errors, and inspection delays. It even opens up the opportunity to tailgate the concrete if there isn’t any rebar to drive over.



All other reinforcements arrest or resist the movement of concrete across a crack AFTER that crack is visible and water-permeable. STEELX resists cracking at microscopic and water-tight crack widths that are invisible to the naked eye.

SteelX Infocus2.jpg


Physical Properties

Appearance:        Gold

Material:               High carbon steel

Diameter:             0.50mm (0.02")

Length:                 25mm (1")

Deformation:        Twisted on axis

Tensile Strength:  262ksi Min

Quantity:              11,500 pcs/lb

Coating:               Non-Reactive

                            Corrosion Resistant




• Precast Boxes, Tanks, Manholes
• Footings & Foundations
• Walls
• Jointless slabs
• Heavy Load slabs
• Slabs on Ground
• Drilled Piers
• Shotcrete
• Suspended Slabs
• Reduce crack widths and crack      spacing design

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